Become a Vendor

Become A Vendor

Our platform helps create your unique business branding with a customizable storefront that lets you have control over your entire marketplace experience. We offer a parallel complimentary additional sales channel to your existing sales channels, taking advantage of the innovative features that will help improve your sales conversions, cash flows, and inventory management. Featuring subscription and installment plans in your transactions and close deals through our portal.

Have confidence in the privacy of your product information and pricing since it is not accessible to competitors, and we ensure that potential customers are verified on the portal. Moreover, we also help your business stay ahead of the competition and provide assistance through no bad debt, no chasing payments or collections, less need for in-person client visits, better business cash flows, competitive pricing, bulk discounts, access to greater potential market share, and more!

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Vendor Features


You can add multimedia product information, such as marketing materials, articles, any supportive files, consumer reviews, schedule product launches, receive direct-to-bank payouts, and efficient customer service.


Vendors will have access and exposure to a diverse range of potential clients in the healthcare community.


Vendor Ledger Book gives vendors and admin the easiest way to check all their store transactions – commission, withdrawal, refund, partial-refund, and charges. All of these, you can access on your front end.


Vendors will be notified instantly of a new query and all previous enquiries will be also listed as FAQs. The entire system is prompted in the front end and it serves as a direct mechanism of communication between buyer and seller.


Vendors are confident that we provide a secure platform where we verify potential customers, make sure that the vendor’s product information and pricing are not visible by any of their competitors on the portal.


Vendors are offered parallel additional sales channels that compliment your existing sales channels. Close deals on your transactions through our portal, with our subscription and installment plan features.

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